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Put watermarks on photos the clever way.


This is Max

Besides being a good boy, he likes long walks in the park and photography. Every now and then, Max takes an awesome shot with his camera that he shares with the internet.

Before uploading his photos to the internet, Max protects his gems by signing them with a nice visual watermark.

Photo Watermark Removed

His watermark software of choice?

bulkWaterMark Logo

Max says:

"Copyright first! bulkWaterMark is the greatest and best photo watermark software in the world!"

It's true. Believe him!

Adding watermarks to photos was never so convenient & powerful.

  • Watermark Photos & Illustrations of the most common File Formats with Watermarks
  • Multiple Layers Watermarks of Images & Texts including Photo Borders
  • Profile Editor for designing individual Watermarks
  • Dynamic Expression for displaying data in Watermark Layers (including EXIF Image Metatags, location lookup via GPS data, Excel or CSV data)
  • Blending Effects like Drop shadows, Bevel or Glow
  • Input Image dependent Watermark Size
  • Gradient Color Support for Layers
  • Batch Image Format Conversion, Auto-Rotation, Resizing & Renaming
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • FREE Edition for Personal Use
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Watermark Software for Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2.

How do you like your photo watermark?

Position your watermark individually on your photos. Choose several corners, edges or the center of your pictures to display your watermark. Add more than one watermark to your pictures and create a discretely visible tile watermark that protects the whole photo from image theft. Additionally, you can put a photo border around your picture. Learn more!

Original Image
Modified Image Watermarked

Watermark images by just three clicks!

bulkWaterMark is structured by its easy-to-use wizard interface. When you start the application for the first time, you need to create a new watermark template to protect your images. Once you have defined how bulkWaterMark should output your pictures, you can start watermarking right from Windows Explorer and do not need to open the app anymore. Learn more!

Watermark Photos with Resize and Rename from Windows Explorer Shell Extension

Photo Watermarking Features

If you like waterMark V2 for batch watermarking your pictures, then you will the new one for getting your photos protected!
Watermark Photos
Batch List

So Powerful and Yet Easy to Use

The new wizard interface of bulkWaterMark guides you step by step through the protection process of watermarking your photos. Once you have set up how you want the watermark to be applied on your images, watermarking photos is just a matter of a few mouse clicks - if you wish right away from Windows Explorer. Find out how to watermark photos with bulkWaterMark - batch image conversion, resizing and renaming included!

Watermark Editor
Watermark Profile Editor

What You See Is What You Get

bulkWaterMark has a brand new watermark editor interface that supports live editing of all layers and watermark settings – including undo/redo. Start with an empty canvas and design an eye-catching watermark for your pictures. It just works like in any other professional image editing software.

Dynamic Expressions in Text Watermarks
Expression Editor

Dynamic Expressions Reloaded

The all new bulkWaterMark image processor allows dynamical resolving of text and data for watermarks like EXIF picture meta tags, image data and Microsoft Excel or CSV data expressions, logical instructions and calculations. Syntax highlighting guides you in the right direction when creating watermarks with dynamic text for your photos.

Gorgeous Blending Effects
Blending Effects

Gorgeous Blending Effects

Nice drop shadows under your transparent image watermarks, smooth glow around text with a soft bevel effect near its edges – no problem anymore with bulkWaterMark. It is powered by our new core graphics engine PMlabs GrfX and brings several graphic effects for putting the cherry on your photo watermark’s top.

Versatile Watermark Features

Versatile Watermark Features

bulkWaterMark comes with rotatable layers, grouping of layers to multiple watermarks in a single profile, relative layer sizes and gradient colors for even more amazing looks of your logo or text watermarks. Also new: The new tile watermark mode makes sure that a group of layers gets stamped over the whole image you want to protect.

Help & Tutorials

Help & Tutorials

bulkWaterMark is a powerful batch watermark software and might be complex in the beginning for image editing software first timers. Thus it comes with an innovative context sensitive help system including interactive tutorials to let you batch watermark photos fast and efficiently.

Watermark Software Editions

Create watermarks for images free or try our other editions to get more creative features for protecting your photos!


Freeware with optional Pro trial
  • Watermark Multiple Images Batch watermark unlimited images with watermarks
  • Wizard UI Smooth & Easy Wizard Interface
  • Nag Nag Screen
  • Help & Tutorials Built-in Help & Tutorials
  • Commercial Usage No Commercial Usage


Basic features, but still more powerful than alternatives
  • Watermark Multiple Images Bulk watermark unlimited pictures with watermarks too
  • License License for a single computer
  • Wizard UI Smoother (Nag-free) Wizard
  • Help & Tutorials Built-in Help, Tutorials & Online Support
  • Geo Expressions Use GIS data in Expressions
  • Excel/CSV Data Use Excel & CSV cell data in Expressions
  • Commercial Usage Commercial Usage for Individuals


Best value offer for individuals
  • All the cool stuff from Basic plus:
  • License Family License for up to 3 computers
  • Blending Effects Nice Layer Effects Support
  • Gradient Colors Use Gradient Colors everywhere
  • Tile Watermarks Multiple Corner/Edge, Random or Tile Watermarks
  • Multiple Watermarks per Photo Group Layers to Watermarks
  • Proportional, scalable Watermarks Image-relative Layer Sizes
  • Commerical Usage Commercial Usage for Individuals


The pro edition for businesses
  • All the cool stuff from Basic plus:
  • License Business License for a single computer
  • Blending Effects Nice Layer Effects Support
  • Gradient Colors Use Gradient Colors everywhere
  • Tile Watermarks Multiple Corner/Edge, Random or Tile Watermarks
  • Multiple Watermarks per Photo Group Layers to Watermarks
  • Proportional, scalable Watermarks Image-relative Layer Sizes
  • Commercial Usage Commercial Usage

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