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Design A Stylish Watermark That Sells Your Brand

Automate complex tasks you would normally do by hand in conventional image editing software.
Watermark Composition.

Create watermarks the easy way.Design your watermark for photos like a pro.

You are using Photoshop and like to work with layers and layer styles? Cool, then you will learn bulkWaterMark's image editing tools fast and love its watermark design possibilities. Craft your visual image protection out of text or image watermarks and perfect their look with gradient colors and layer effects.

Multiple watermarks per photo.

Multiple watermarks per photo.Group layers to watermarks.

Layers are now organized in layer groups, also known as watermarks. This means for example that you now can stamp a watermark in the top left corner of your photos and another watermark that displays photo informations in the bottom center of your image.

Image editing at your fingertips.

Image editing at your fingertips.Create, type, transform, rotate.

Live editing watermarks just works naturally in bulkWaterMark. Click to insert a text watermark to the canvas. Move layers or layer groups by clicking and dragging. Scale and rotate layers intuitive like you do in other image editing or office software products.

Brilliant Color Gradients for Watermarks.

There cannot be enough colors.More variety and style with colors in bulkWaterMark.

From the color palette of a rainbow to harmonic color gradients for your new text watermark: bulkWaterMark supports almost infinite design possibilities for your professional image protection. Choose one of the standard colors or mix hues by yourself.

Watermark Photo Positions.

Position watermarks on photos.Select multiple corners of the image or use a tile watermark.

Just click on the parts of the image you would like to protect with the a watermark. bulkWaterMark is also able to watermark photos with tile watermarks all over the picture to guarantee maximum image protection for your intellectual property.

Layer Styles to Watermark Photos.

Effects for the last tweak of your watermark.Use optical fine tuning to perfect your watermark.

Like the so-called layer styles in Photoshop, layer effects in bulkWaterMark take care of realistic drop shadows of icons, attention catching glowing of shapes or highlighting lettering with a stroke. In bulkWaterMark you can use effects without limitations for vector graphics, dynamic texts or logos.

Party Reporter Sample
Green Life Sample
On Fire Sample
PhotoZone Sample
Phil's BBQ Sample
travelClub Sample
Rocky Sample
Expensive Wedding Photographer Stereotype Watermark Sample
Local News Sample
Event Photos Sample

Text Watermarks SamplesAdd an individual message to photos

Even short text watermarks can transport meaningful messages - who can deny that in times of Twitter and short message services? You should come up with the text, but bulkWaterMark takes care of the rest. Therefore bulkWaterMark watermarks photos with smooth rendered lettering. The contents of your text watermarks can be static or dynamic, by using expressions for watermarking photos.

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